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BCI Exteriors Winter Window Special

Home Improvement for the Holidays!

Baby it’s cold outside!

Don’t let the winter chill into your home this winter, give the gift of new Beechworthfiberglass windows this holiday season. Old drafty windows can cost you a lot of money in utilities, with new energy-efficient windows see an immediate cost savings.

Did you know fiberglass windows are 6 times stronger than vinyl windows? The fiberglass frames get their strength from the glass fibers which allows for thinner frames with more glass. Unlike vinyl windows, fiberglass windows can maintain their integrity in even the hottest of temperatures without warping. These windows won’t expand and contract and are better insulated than vinyl.


This winter, BCI Exteriors is offering free energy efficient upgrade! All Beechworth window orders taken during the December 5th, 2017 through March 19th, 2018 get a free upgrade from “Standard” to a more efficient “Advanced” glass package. Promo Code: BCIBEECHWORTH


  • The holidays and weather have cleared our calendar. Schedule an appointment sooner than you would in spring and summer.
  • Don’t miss out on our winter window free upgrade special. You won’t get this deal when the snow melts!
  • Not only will you experience warmer rooms but you will see immediate savings on your winter energy bills.

You deserve a premium window and a premium experience, and you should expect to be completely satisfied at the end of your replacement project.

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