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Infrared thermal imaging

Pinpointing Home Inefficiencies

Do you have a drafty home? Is your energy bill high? Are there certain rooms in your house that don’t hold heat or AC well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a possibility that it needs some updating or maintenance. But from where does the issue stem?

A Home Performance Assessment is a thorough evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, so you can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing you money.

The audit helps identify how much energy your home uses, where it loses energy, and which problem areas should take priority at the time of the fix in order to make make your home more efficient and comfortable in the long run.

home performance assessment

What does a Home Performance Assessment involve?

BCI professional auditors run a series of tests on your house to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the overall building. One of the first things we do is walk through your entire home to check for under-insulated areas and identify moisture and mold issues, from the attic to the basement to its exterior.

In today’s technology-driven world, we use the latest equipment to compile a thorough analysis of how your home adapts to certain climates. Infrared thermal imaging is a tool we use to compile diagnostics to identify thermal gaps in your home’s perimeter.

Is your house drafty in the winter? We measure the air-tightness using a Blower Door/draft test. Using a blower, we create air currents and assess air pressure readings to identify air leakage in drafty homes.

We perform a combustion safety test, which looks at the mechanical appliances that burn natural gas or fuel, to ensure that dangerous gases like carbon monoxide are properly vented outside the home.

Solutions to Improve Efficiency

Take the guess work out. Know exactly what your home needs done from the results provided by a Home Performance Assessment.

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